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SONY DSCCollege send offs are right around the corner, so we came up with this gift set to encourage mail and help connections in a handwritten form. Voiced from previous students, they still love receiving traditional snail mail!

We put the sets together assembly line style, and my daughter in ‘Chartreuse Boots’ and I had a blast planning, shopping, crafting and giving.

This is how we put them together:

We found the wooden boxes at Joanne’s, used our coupons and bought several. Dimensions for the boxes are: 5 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ high.

We bought packages of plain cards and envelopes, decorated half of them, the other half will remain blank, for their own decorating purposes.

To create the card sets, we used acrylic paint and used a potato for large circles stamps, (smaller polka dots were made with a carrots, our own idea). (Actually my daughter made all the decorated cards while I took pictures, and we stayed up late doing this- I eventually went to bed while she stayed up to finish). 1 A.M. was too late for me that night!

We got the large polka dot stamp idea from Oh Happy Day, where she paints a table cloth using this potato technique. We were thinking of doin this for a duvet cover, but discovered it would clash with my daughter’s new room mate’s decor… so onto stationary it went instead.



My daughter got creative with rubber stamp letters, dipped them in acrylic paint and stamped out HELLO! Isn’t that cute?


The paint stamped cards dried over night…

In the morning we were able to put all the parts together.


To make gift tags, we cut up thick watercolor paper about 2×3″ and punched a hole at the top and threaded baker’s twine through.
We included some decorating items for those blank cards. (A nice study break in a few months, I’m thinking, as these girls are crafty.)

We found the ribbon sets at Michael’s in the dollar section, removed their plastic covers and trimmed the top cardboard piece off so it would fit into the wooden box just right.

We bought glue sticks, thin sharpie pens, mini scissors and tape in quantity packs and divided amoung the boxes.

After tieing up the cards sets with twine, we covered the bottom of the box with brown paper bags cut to the size of the wooden box bottom. We then shredded brown paper bags in the paper shredder (rip them to fit into your shredder in a single layer at a time), and crumpled them up to make a perfect colored filling underneath the stationery items.

We added a row of stamps to boost the snail mail into the postal system (but it adds to the cuteness factor, don’t you think?)


They can be wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon, and for mailing, pick up a free, size large, postal box.


I'm thinking this would be nice for anyone moving away. Young kids up through adults.

And wouldn’t grandparents love a stationary set made by their favorite little people? With hand stamping, you don’t need to be 18 to make cards that are just as cute.

Other additions to the sets would be a stamp pad and monogram letters in rubber stamp form, other mini items like a stapler, scissors…

When the stationery and supplies are all used up, repurpose the wooden box to hold other desk items, washcloths in the bathroom, beauty supplies…

Any other ideas for a personalized stationery set? What would you include?