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Thank you note tipsOk, I guess I exaggerated a bit.  It will take more than a minute to get my Thank you notes into the mail box.  My  list of overdue thankyous is long  and I’m not liking that feeling… I even feel worse that I had hoped to get them out yesterday, yep, it was Thursday yesterday!!  But, hope you’ll understand…   (Please skip forward to the tips, if hearing about our day is too much of a snoozer)

It was the last full day my 18-year-old had off from her lifeguard job, before leaving for college and we had a full day of DIY dorm room decor to complete and my 8 year old had a nice long playdate planned (Thank you dear friend!)

and I didn’t want to be behind my computer putting together a post on this special day (special because she wants to sew and we both have an open day to spend together, this doesn’t happen often when you have four kids)  and she normally wants nothing to do with thread and needles…and, my sweet husband even made dinner for us so we could keep working…

Yes, I know that was a run on sentence, but I’ve got lots to do with my kids…  I promise to do better once they’re back in school… you understand, right?

I am sharing tips below for Thank you notes, but to be honest I didn’t get them out yesterday, except to photograph and share with you! … I will throw them in my purse and write them when I get my hair high lighted and low lighted, (and whatever else is needed there), in a few days.


Here’s my thank you note tips:

Collect cards while picking up groceries. Trader Joes is my favorite – thick cardstock, fun designs, great value at .99 each, don’t you think?

If you like DIY cards, make enough for the whole year,  so there’s no delay when you need them.  A cute idea, add a rubber stamp to the potato stamped cards in DIY Stationery in a Box.

potato stamped thank you

Throw the cards and stamps in your purse or briefcase – pull them out for simple letter writing while waiting in  carpool lines, waiting for the soccer game to begin or waiting for a favorite doctor or dentist to call your name.

Click pictures of addresses for quick cell phone retrieval.   Birthday invitees addresses usually  collected from more than one location? School directories and home address book for me so, clicking a pic of addressed invites before they are sent keeps the info in one easy to retrieve and portable spot.

Getting the kids to send their Thank you’s.  A simple rule: no use of the gift until the important note has been sent.  (That usually works)


Two  more reasons why yesterday didn’t work for implementing the above tips:

1. The only time I waited for anything yesterday was while in traffic,  getting to the store that had the sheets (in stock!!!!) from my post Invisible Mom on a Mission.

I’ll share more later about this very helpful store I rediscovered and how we are putting together her room. But here’s a peak for now:

DIY dorm room decor

and the reason those sheets were so important, we are using them to create our own duvet cover… more about that later as well.

2. I didn’t think I would set a good example if I took out my thank you notes behind the wheel (although tempting, as we were stopped in lots of unexpected traffic).

You understand, right?