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mason jars in hotel roomThe other day  I mentioned that I did some DIY while in my hotel room in my daughter’s college town. I left off with the picture of painted mason jars. Today I’ll show you how to do this. It’s super simple but needs at least 24 hours to dry before putting objects into the jars.
supplies for mason jar painting
All you need is two colors of craft paint, mason jars and a disposable cup to mix colors in, and a mixing stick.  One  paint color will be your darkest and the other will be your lightest. We chose hot pink for the dark and ivory for the light. We like the nice soft look of ivory, but, if you like white, that also could be used for your lightest color.

Start with your white or ivory craft paint and fill a mason jar about 1/2″ high.



Turn the jar slowly  to cover the insides of the jar, tilting as you turn the jar so that the paint runs toward the top of  the jar.

Swirl until the paint is close to the top rim.
swirl the paint to cover sides
Place the jar with the opening face down on top of a thick stack of newspapers or cardboard.
upside down jar on newspaper
Every few minutes lift the jar and reposition so the paint doesn’t  stay attached to the newspaper and to prevent a big mess on your rim.

As you keep repositioning, notice when there is no more paint dripping out. That’s when it’s time to sit the jar upright, with the bottom on a clean surface.

Repeat this process with the next jar. Start with mostly light paint and a tiny bit of dark.adding hot pink paint
Mix well with a stick in a plastic recycled cup.  ( I tried mixing right in the jar, but it is difficult to get a good mix and I ended up with  a swirl of two colors, instead  of one homogeneous color).

mix paint color with stick

Pour into jar as above and repeat.

For the 3rd jar mix more dark and smaller portion of light. mix  well.

For the 4th jar, use only your dark color (hot pink in this case).    Let it dry at least 24 hours.

Check for dryness before filling with your pencils, pens, make up brushes or whatever you need handy.

After all have dried, you can wipe the outside with water on a  paper towel to remove paint that may have spilled to the outside.

Add your metal rim if desired and fill with desk items.

I was thinking that kids of many ages would likely enjoy this on their desks. Even boys may like shades of brown, tan and ivory, or any other color scheme.

How would you use painted mason jars? I’d love to hear your ideas in the Reply Box below.