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Magic Wand BB&BA few weeks ago I shared my horrible experience at two unnamed stores in my post Invisible Mom on a Mission.  A few readers have asked where I finally found the sheets for our project so here’s the Fairytale ending to my almost, turned into a  pumpkin experience.
On my way home from those two stores, if you recall, my 8 year olds’ playdate was minutes from ending, and I had wasted precious time due to lack of  customer service.   Thankfully a light bulb went on: I did have time to call a store  where I had remembered that customers were important!  They immediately connected me to a salesperson that researched my request. That store was sold out in that color but they could order them online for me. I loved that idea, but time didn’t permit this as our flight out to collegeland was 2 days away and they were needed for sewing into a duvet.  They cheerfully offered and checked surrounding stores, located those hot pink sheets in XL and held them for us! (Insert Big Smile Here)
The store was Bed Bath and Beyond and when my daughter and I arrived there the next day, we were pleasantly surprised with not only our sheet set but….  they presented this soon to be College Freshman  with a scanner.  (Lets think Fairy Wand?)  The wishes of an 18-year-old…. this could be dangerous!

The sweet salesperson  printed a list of  necessities for her dorm, suggested by her college. She was told to scan the items she may want and they would be waiting for her at the BB&B in her college town, 2000 miles away. Fairy Magic, don’t you think?  After seeing her new room, we could decide to keep and pay for only the items she still needed.  (That’s when I started to feel better.)  Ok, I’m thinking she won’t need half of these items.

My daughter happily got started. A sales person checked in with us every once in a while, more than happy to help… We were now in Customer Service Heaven!  The story gets better.

Fast Forward 1 week later at the Bed Bath And Beyond in  collegeland, 2000 miles away… Freshman daughter and I are greeted in front of the store. ( Signs on our foreheads must have read: “Incoming Freshman Student and Her Mom.” A friendly lady asked our names and handed us the list from the Fairy Wand at home.

This kind lady described the next steps: Beer and Wine inside for the parents, then head upstairs to look at our bin of reserved items!  (Insert Big smiles from both of us here)

Many items in the bin were no longer needed, no problem at all.  Our 20% off coupon was left at the hotel, no problem either, I was told to bring just the receipt and coupon to any BB&B store for a  refund of the difference!   Happy that I could still save big with that coupon and that I could take care of it when I wasn’t so busy at home.       (Insert more big smiles).

This is not a sponsored post- I just want you to experience awesome customer service the next time you are shopping for home basics and other great things.

I think this store deserves our attention, what do you think?