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SONY DSCThese jars of honey are beautiful. But this is probably the first time I’ve said that…And, you must be wondering what the heck does this have to do with today’s title, right?… Last Sunday I decided that I would write about a message that struck me in church- it was about talent and it seemed perfect for this Thinking of you Thursday. A break from the busyness we are likely experiencing.  It doesn’t require any materials, no DIY instructions… just thought and words.

The question was: Do our kids and spouses know of their talents? Are they hearing us say they have talents? The message continued: Talents are gifts that  are to be developed,  And, one of our roles as spouses and parents is to recognize them and guide them into development. It got me thinking…

Hmm… my kids and husband hear me say nice things all the time. They know they are talented… Then I stopped and thought about it… Do I really say the words? Have I helped my family to recognize their talents? Probably a bit here and there, but not really stated as a talent, a gift that is unique to them.

And so this brings me back to the honey. I’ve been thinking about it even before Sunday. I noticed more and more as I’ve heard my husband speaking to  bee keepers and people who have issues with honey bees.  He is full of knowledge, he’s been developing tools to remove bees safely from trees and homes, preventing extermination and helping our eco system. (I just learned about almonds and how they depend on bees to grow, for example.) And so, while this hobby requires many hours this time of year, I realized that this is a unique talent, he is not fearful of bees when many are. He is at peace with them and there are so many ways this helps all of us.

There is a lot of talent that goes into producing those jars of honey. After hearing Sunday’s message, I realized that I hadn’t said much to my husband in recognition of his ability to learn all of this on his own.   He’s nurturing the bees, making  beautiful hive boxes and much more.  I’ve been so busy myself with a blog and with kids that I didn’t stop to notice and say the important words. Wow, you have talent!

Two other examples… Our youngest gives the greatest bear hugs. She really makes us feel good when she gives us a hug. I will often say, oh, that was nice, thank you. But this week I told her that she has a talent- to help us feel great with that hug!

And another daughter that loves to volunteer, and was just asked to do an all night event. Yes, stay up all night, leading group activities for a good cause. She would normally say yes and then suffer for days since that is really too much for her.  After a bit of thought, she said, yah, that’s too much for me, but there are lots of other shifts in that event I could do. Normally I might say “oh, good”.  But this time I said the words. This is a talent, to be able to recognize your limits and come up with a great solution!

So, I’ve given you a lot to think about within  our families.  But how  about taking this further, with  people we don’t know. Maybe it’s the grocery cashier that did something pretty ordinary like pack up our groceries- organized by freezer, fridge and pantry. Can we take a second to recognize her talent?  Give it a try, and see  faces light up. And better yet, let your kids see you doing it!

Have a great week recognizing talents.  I would love to hear how it goes.